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General Information about HESS
Higher Education Statistical System (HESS)

The Higher Education Statistical System was established in 2009. It is an electronic system designed to collect and publish the data of higher education sector in the Sultanate. The data includes information of students in the local higher education institutions (HEIs) and students studying abroad. Also, it includes data about staff (including academic and non-academic staff) in all HEIs in the Sultanate, as well as, general and specific financial information about each HEI. Information are uploaded to HESS by the HEIs, directorate general of scholarships at Ministry of Higher Education and the relevant government institutions based on specific period of time, fields, standards and technical regulations. The Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC) manages the system.

The data is annually collected by HESS and represents an academic year for all HEIs. It is collected during an interval of three months each year.


Objective of HESS

The system provides an integrated statistical database of the higher education sector in the Sultanate to help decision makers and concerning authorities in setting strategies and plans that can contribute in developing the higher education system. Also, it provides data for research councils and other relevant bodies for scientific researches.

Components of Statistical System
  • Infrastructure and Definition Data: Represents the infrastructure of the HEI such as: number of lecture rooms, computer labs …etc
  • Students Data: Represents personal information of student and his academic information at HEIs.
  • Employees Data: Represents personal information of the employee and his study and work experience.
  • Financial Data: Represents the financial expenses and revenues for the HEI.
N Types of HESS data
1 Infrastructure and Definition Data
2 Students Data
3 Employees Data
4 Financial Data



Who will benefit from the statistical system data?

- Public and private HEIs.

- Other public institutions and relevant bodies.

- Research and studies councils and centers.

- Academic councils.

- Students and researchers.

- Omani community.

- International organizations.

Electronic services provided by HESS
  • - Providing statistical data through SMS.
  • - Providing electronic statistical reports via online publishing system- a system allows the HEIs and other bodies to choose the required variables and design the statistical table according to these variables.
  • - Data exchange portal- which allows the HEIs and other relevant bodies to upload the required data to HESS, review it and endorse it electronically.

HESS vision

The Ministry of Higher Education represented by HEAC, in coordination with the Information Technology Authority (ITA) is working on a project to develop the HESS system. The objective of the project is to connect public and private HEIs with the Ministry electronically. So, the collection of the higher education sector’s data will be dynamic and immediate and based on a central and standardized database. This will make it easy to exchange data with the government bodies such as, The Manpower Registry, Ministry of Civil Services and National Centre for Statistics and Information.
Also, students’ follow-up in private higher education institutions who are funded by the Ministry will be easier in terms of their study progress, fees and other related information, in addition to information about academic and administrative staff in each institution.


Challenges and difficulties

The HEAC faces some difficulties in collecting data to HESS from HEIs such as:

  • - Some of the required data is not available in some HEIs.
  • - Some HEIs have no electronic system for registration and admission.
  • - There is no specific department to deal with HESS in some HEIs.
  • - Lack of commitment by some institutions in providing the required data in the time period set by HEAC.
  • - There are no unified statistical codes and standards between institutions, which make the process of electronic connectivity more difficult.
  • - Lack of data of Omani students studying abroad.

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