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Royal Decree No. 104/2005 establishes the Higher Education Admission Centre.

Article 1 of the decree says a centre of the level of a directorate-general will be named the Higher Education Admission Centre and affiliated to the Higher Education Ministry. The centre will solely be assigned to regulate admission of general certificate students at higher education institutions according to their wishes and marks obtained and the admission terms specified by the aforementioned institutions.

Article 2 says some of the employees of admission departments at government higher education institutions shall be transferred to the centre with their grades and financial allocations. These employees shall be selected in coordination with the higher Education Ministry and these institutions.

Article 3 empowers the higher education minister to issue required regulations and decisions to regulate work at the centre. Applications shall be received by the centre from the academic year 2006-2007.

Article 4 cancels all that contravenes this decree or contradicts its provisions. Article 5 the decree becomes effective from its date of issue. Issued on the 21st of December year 2005.

The Higher Education Admission Centre' tasks are specified as follows:
  1. Coordinating with Higher Education Institutions in respect of basics and admission requirements of each and every institution according to disciplines and vacancies.
  2. Participating in putting the plans related to admission policies in coordination with Higher Education Institutions.
  3. Establishing a database for all applicants to Higher Education Institutions and supplying the governmental planning organizations with statistical data in coordination with HEIs.
  4. Media awareness of all academic programs in respect to admission operations in HEIs.
  5. Receiving, reviewing, and registering all applications to HEIS in accordance to the advertised disciplines and the demanded requirements. Then distributing the accepted students to the HEIS and notify the students, as well as the Institutions with the lists of the accepted ones.
  1. Organizing the admission, and the students joining Institutions.
  2. Do researches related to admissions policies in order to develop procedures of HEAC.
  3. Provide students with students Guide books about HEIs, and establish the Inquiry service.
  4. Track withdrawn, discontinued, and accepted students in HEIs after allocations.
Higher Education Admission System Regulation

The Ministry of Higher Education had issued on 29/1/2011 a Ministerial Decree No. 8 / 2011; consisting of 39 articles which regulated the admission and acceptance of Higher Education Admission procedures.

The set of Regulations was published in the official Gazette. No. 928 on February 1, 2011. For full details click on the following link:

Available in arabic only: click here


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