Advertising about your institute on our website helps you to spread the knowledge about your institute among the students and their parents in additional to supporting HEAC to provide information to whom are interested in. 

HEAC website is an important government electronic website which was visited by more than a million. HEAC also earned WSA (World Summit award) award as one of the best five excellent e-inclusion product all over the world.

Who can advertise at HEAC

HEAC is a nonprofit able organization; its main objective is to help students to apply to different higher education institutes. The institutes which can benefit from HEAC electronic services are:

  1. Government or private higher education institutes inside or outside the Sultanate.
  2. Organizations that support and finance students to proceed with their further education inside and outside the Sultanate:( banks, higher education offices, charity organizations that gives educational grants)
Membership at HEAC website
# Category Annual membership payment
1 Higher Education Institutes inside Oman 500 OR
2 Higher Education Institutes Outside Oman 2000 USD
3 Organizations that support or finance students 2000 OR


Advertising procedures
  1. Fill the application found on the following link and send it to HEAC by fax or email
  2. HEAC will replay on your application
  3. Provide HEAC with the annual membership payments according to the category of your organization as shown in the previous table to the Ministry of Higher Education account :
  • Bank: Oman Arab Bank 
    Branch: Al-khuwair\ Muscat Sultanate of Oman 
    Account #: 3104-740028-500
  1. Provide HEAC with a proof of payment
  2. HEAC will inform  you about the period your membership
  3. Advertisement activation will be automatically renewed unless a notice of inactivation is sent to HEAC before one month of validations expirat
Advertisement’s size and form
  1. Advertisement must be (JPEG, GIF)
  2. Advertisement size :Height= 40 Pixels and Width =90 Pixels

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For any further clarification please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Tahir Al-Zadjali on phone #: 24584446