The appeal requests are submitted to Appeal Board, which consists of specialists from outside the Ministry of Higher Education who are assigned by a Ministerial Decree to consider objections filed by applicants who claim that HEAC has treated them unfairly or who believe that their complaints have not been settled by HEAC. 

Appeal submission deadlines are as follows: 


In case of any appeal, you shall put in consideration: 

• Online appeal should be submitted through the electronic form available on HEAC website, verbal or written appeals will not be considered.

• Adhere to submission deadlines.  

All applicants who have received seat offers through HEAC System, whether they accepted these offers or not, or even withdrew from – expect applicants who have completed their registration procedures in external scholarship programs who have received travel receivables – from applying an Unsatisfactory Arrangement Of Program Preferences Request which will be available after the end of completing registration procedures of the first allocation round period, and it continues until the announcement of second allocation round results. 

Application requirements: 

 An applicant should have received a program offer through HEAC system

 He/she have to apply to a program which is already arranged among his/her program preferences list (provided that it is one of the programs located below the offered seat).

 Should have scored a higher / or an equal competitive score compared to competitive score of the last student in the merit list.

 Vacant seats should be available in that program.

 After the second allocation round, HEAC will contact applicants to confirm their requests, and further they may examine these requests and inform the applicants about the results and the deadlines for completing registration procedures in case they were allocated to new seat offers.  


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HEAC may, after the results of the second allocation, examine the online requests of retrieving a seat which was withdrawn from the applicant because he/she did not accept the offer, or failed to complete the registration procedures in the institution due deadline. HEAC will contact these students who lost their seats (only) through SMS. 

The request will be studied if all of the following conditions are satisfied: 

 Availability of vacant seats in that program, and the approval of the HEI to retrieve the seat for the student.

 There are no students in the "waiting list" of that program, or there is “a waiting list”, but the institution decided to accept students who retrieve their seats.

 The student should not be enrolled at any public or private institution, or withdrawn from that seat.

 In case the HEI agreed to retrieve a seat for the student, and he/she did not complete registration procedures at the specified timeline, he/she will not be able in – any circumstances- to claim it again.