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    Enrolled students for academic year 2023/2024 : 28951

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    The highest acceptance in the academic year 2023/2024: females, 56.7%

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    Enrolled with scholarships and grants outside Oman 2023/2024: 607

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    The highest major enrolled is Management & Commerce:26.2 %

Admission Systems Your Admission to Higher Education Starts Here.
Admission System for Undergraduate Level

This system is aimed to enable all Omani students holding GED or equivalent certificates to apply to the different public HEIs, external and internal scholarships and grants through submitting one electronic application. Admitted applicants will also be able to complete their registration procedures at the HEIs through this system.

Policies and Procedures of Registration and Admission Student Guidebook and important documents Admission Support Services

  • From
  • APR-01-2024
  • To
  • JUN-01-2024
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Postgraduate Programs

These are guidelines on eligibility for scholarships and grant programs available to Omani postgraduate applicants and that are funded by countries that have a close bilateral relationship with the Sultanate. Omani students can submit their application, register for these scholarships and/or grants, upload the required documents, and choose an eligible course, after meeting the following eligibility criteria and conditions

Postgraduate Scholarship Applicant Guide

The Omani Programme for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation

The Omani Programme for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation offers (paid tuition fees only) scholarships for students from GCC countries, and students from brotherly states and friendly nations who have fulfilled grade 12 at one of the Omani or international schools in the Sultanate, to study at public higher education institutions.

Student Guide Book of Omani Programme for Culture and Scientific Cooperation for the Academic Year 2024/2025
  • From
  • July - 25 -2024
  • To
  • Aug - 20 -2024
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Electronic Services State of the Art Technologies.
Programs Search Engine
Programs Search Engine
It is an important tool to search for academic programs, along with their descriptions and requirements. 
HEAC SMS Service
The SMS service has been one of the important electronic services provided by HEAC since 2007.
Data Exchange Portal
HEAC portal enables the exchange of data with the Admission Electronic System users.
Mobile Application
This smart phone application was established in 2013 to help student apply to the admission electronic ..
Provided by HEAC such as advertising and marketing to institutions through its website and social media accounts.
Admission Statistical System
As a part of HEAC efforts to develop and facilitate the mechanism of providing electronic services to the different ..


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