HEAC Website Online Content

The website of the Higher Education Admission Center (HEAC) (www.heac.gov.om) is considered the online portal for all electronic services provided by HEAC. It contains all electronic systems served for target users such as Admission and Statistical Systems, news and announcements published by HEAC specialists about updates regarding admission and registration process. Further, HEAC is always keen to provide via its website the online content oriented to different categories of users such as: students, guardians, career guidance specialists, and officials at the higher education institutions (HEIs) in Oman, researchers and concerned people. The website also contains all HEAC publications that can be downloaded and browsed easily. In addition, there is an essential part in the website which is the Data Exchange Portal, representing an online linkage between HEAC and other institutions and authorities linked to the center’s electronic systems. There is also the digital map of the higher education institutions (HEIs) in and outside Oman.  

The website aims at facilitating the process of obtaining information and using the online services in line of the latest technological developments, and highly concerned to guarantee quality, accuracy and speediness in delivering services to all target users. Moreover, HEAC looks forward –through website- to achieve the highest levels of performance in e-government transformation via development of E-Systems and e-content.  

E-Participation of HEAC 

As HEAC is abide by implementing technologies that can make it easy for target users to receive the required service and acquire clear and correct information clearly. It also keeps observing the users’ views and inquiries. Consequently, HEAC has created social website accounts in order to reach unlimited number of audience from different categories. Add to that, it prepares electronic questionnaires which results will be used to develop the center’s services in general, measure the users’ satisfaction regarding them. The center has also added a new section in the website for (Polls). This section will be used to collect the views of the website visitors concerning the different aspects of HEAC. Other two services have been also added which are (RSS) and (Newsletter), to help users receive and follow up updates of the website. 


Vision, Objective and Mission of e-Participation at HEAC website and Other Electronic Services  


Create an online active template for communication and conversion between HEAC and service users, and answer their inquiries. 


To provide the best e-services, and raise awareness via social networks to reach GED and equivalent students, HEIs and society groups who use HEAC services.  


HEAC is obliged to answer all inquiries received from followers and users concerning registration at E-Systems, and solving technical problems.  

It also endeavors to create an online environment to help get services easily and follow up remarks and views during work hours.  


Facilities Available for e–Participation:  

Users can contact HEAC via the following networks and means:  

  • Twitter: (@HEAC_INFO) A fast way to answer on inquiries, consider views, and solve technical problems. It is also an active environment to share news, deadlines, and present the different events in a brief way.  
  • Facebook: (HEAC.OMAN) Through this network, we can post our news and announcement, share photos of our events and services, and answer inquiries.  
  • YouTube: (OmanHEAC) our account on YouTube contains different videos and presentations prepared to raise awareness among students and their guardians about electronic systems, and activities of our center.  
  • RSS service: we have added this service to our website to enable our users and visitors to follow up latest news and updates through (RSS) reader, without visiting HEAC website.  
  • Newsletter Service: We have developed this online service as an additional mean to provide users with a detailed reports for the latest HEAC news, announcements and updates, which is sent to them periodically. What is special about this service is that it makes it easy for users and followers to know our news even if they could not read them at the time they are published, or they do not have enough time to read all details.