After the end of registration phase, HEAC runs a trial allocation at the end of July, based on programs students have arranged, and their results in the first semester. This procedure aims at informing students of the academic program they will be probably offered according to their arrangement of program preferences. It may also contribute to raising awareness regarding the importance of ordering programs they wish, with a guardian consultancy, because HEAC system is designed to allocate applicants to their preference choices.   

It is expected that if a student and his/her guardian would know the result of the trial allocation earlier before final results, this will help decrease many cases of students not selecting the appropriate programs, and consequently requesting HEAC to allow them rearrange their program preferences, which is not possible because the system is offline. 

The result of the trial allocation is not necessarily the final results, it depends on some factors such as:

- Scoring an equal/ or a better grade comparing in the second semester examinations.

- Remaining the same order of the program preferences entered during registration phase.

- Student’s score compared to other applicants of the same program.

- Student will be given an opportunity to change program preferences after the release of GED final examination results.

Student shall realize the following facts:

- If student did not receive his/her first program preference as an offer in the trial allocation, this does not mean that he/she will be able to compete on this choice in the final allocation. Therefore, student is advised to prevent deleting his/her top program preferences in the next phase especially if they are the best preferences for him/her.

- Student shall use the trial allocation results in double checking his/her program choices as per his/her real preferences and GED or equivalent results.